Are you searching for an exclusive item to include in your stock? Our shoe charms for kids are the perfect addition! We offer diverse shapes, such as grid bow, balloon dog, heart, perfume bottle, and flower. Our charms are ideal for vendors, distributors, or those purchasing bulk. By incorporating our shoe charms, your enterprise will reach new heights. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

Item No.X602
Product NameX602+Grid Bow Balloon Dog
SizeLittle Kids: 24-25/26-27/28-29
Kids: 30-31/32-33/34-35
Women: 36-37/38-39/40-41
Box GaugeWomen: 68cm*42cm*63cm
Kids: 87cm*38cm*62cm
Little Kids: 80cm*34cm*55cm
Packing QuantityWomen:30 Pairs
Little Kids:Kids:60 Pairs

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