Are you in search of a distinctive and enjoyable addition to your shoe collection? Our Mickey head shoe charms are an ideal choice for both children and adults. These charms are designed for shoes with holes and are available in various designs such as perfume bottles, chains, and flowers. Moreover, our prices are competitive, making it a great value for your money. So, place your order now and add some enchantment to your shoe collection!

Item No.X602
Product NameX602+Mickey Head
SizeLittle Kids: 24-25/26-27/28-29
Kids: 30-31/32-33/34-35
Women: 36-37/38-39/40-41
Box GaugeWomen: 68cm*42cm*63cm
Kids: 87cm*38cm*62cm
Little Kids: 80cm*34cm*55cm
Packing QuantityWomen:30 Pairs
Little Kids:Kids:60 Pairs

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