Are you looking for a unique addition to your shoe collection? Look no further than our Grid Butterfly Knot and Violent Bear Shoe Charm. This charming and whimsical accessory is made from high-quality materials and features a cute design with a grid butterfly knot and a cartoon head of a violent bear. It’s the perfect way to add personality to your favorite shoes and turn heads wherever you go.

Our wholesale pricing options make stocking up on this must-have shoe charm easy without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a seller, wholesaler, or large-scale purchaser, our shoe charms can add value to your product lineup. With keywords like shoe charms wholesale, shoe charms bulk, and bulk shoe charms, you’re sure to attract attention from customers who are looking for affordable and high-quality shoe accessories. So why wait? Contact us now and elevate your business with our products!

Item No.002(6cm Heels)
Product NameX002+Bow Bear
Size35-36/ 37-38/ 39-40
Box Gauge61cm*42cm*62cm
Packing Quantity30 Pairs

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