Looking to add a touch of glamour to your footwear? You can count on our wholesale shoe charms! Our rhinestone butterfly-shaped shoe charms will grab customers’ attention and bring a unique touch to their shoes. They are perfect for wholesalers, sellers, and large-scale buyers who want to enhance their shoe products.
Our shoe charms come in various designs, including butterfly, strap, bow, and chain styles. They are specially designed for slip-on shoes, making them easy to use and personalize. Whether you want to add sparkle to your sneakers or customize your clogs, our shoe charms will impress.
Our shoe charms can take your shoe products to the next level. Contact us today to discover more about our shoe charms wholesale and bulk options and take your business to new heights with our products!

Item No.5016(6cm Heels)
Product Name5016+butterfly-shaped
Size35-36/ 37-38/ 39-40
Box Gauge61cm*42cm*62cm
Packing Quantity30 Pairs

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