Looking for a specific product to offer your customers as a shoe seller or wholesaler? Look no further than our collection of space-themed shoe charms! Our designs, featuring astronauts, planets, rockets, and chains, will surely capture the attention of sci-fi and space enthusiasts.
Our shoe charms are perfect for those seeking a unique, high-quality product to stock up on. Our bulk shoe charms at wholesale prices allow you to enhance your business and draw in new customers quickly.
Don’t wait any longer! Reach out to us today and avail yourself of our space-themed shoe charms. Don’t miss the chance to differentiate yourself in the shoe market and provide your customers with something truly out of this world.

Item No.5016(6cm Heels)
Product Name5016+Space-themed
Size35-36/ 37-38/ 39-40
Box Gauge61cm*42cm*62cm
Packing Quantity30 Pairs

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